Partners with Sloof Posters


Marengo and Waukon make a connection when and Sloof Posters entered into a partnership in 2011.  After the Internet buzz about Jill George and the poster that she was selling to promote herself and bring some much needed money to her racing team, Lirpa Sloof wanted to expand his business and started scouring the state to promote a male version of the poster.  Sloof, a life time racing fan who travels the state of Iowa each summer going to as many races as possible started asking fans at the tracks who they would like to see on a poster in the same format as George's poster where she is seen in her underwear. 

Sloof who owns and operates Sloof Posters, which is located in Waukon Iowa, has been creating unique prints and posters for the past 23 years.  His most well known poster print was of veteran driver Curt Schroeder, titled Silver Spoons.  This was a take off from the popular 80s show starting actor Ricky Schroeder (no relation).  The profits of that poster alone, allowed Curt to support his entire Prot Stock season in 2003.

What has been created is a list of the top 10 names that were gathered in the meetings with the fans.  The winner of the contest, which runs from March 30, 2012 through April 28, 2012, will be given the chance to appear on the poster in their underwear in the same manner as Jill George.  All proceeds from the sale of the poster will go right back to the driver.  What driver wouldn't want thousands of dollars coming into their race team?  Vote now to help your driver out. 







Driver #1  Ray Guss, Jr.

Driver #2 Chris Simpson









Driver #3 Merv Chandler

Driver #4 Andy Eckrich











Driver #5 Joey Gase










Driver #6  Steve Stewart

Driver #7 Darrell DeFrance

Driver #8 Brad Osborn








Driver #9 Dallas Chandler


Driver #10 Nathan Ballard