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Programs (pictures only)

           HD 1993  

           HD 1996  

        WL 2000  



    West Liberty 


Jeff Aikey

Bobby Allison

Darrell Bahndorf

Arlo Becker  

Ron Becker

Bob Bender

Gary Beuter 

Mike Beuter  

Dave Birkhofer  

Jerry Brumley  

John Brumley

Jim Burbridge

John Connolly  

Gary Crawford

Darrell Dake

Dave Dodder  

Roger Dolan

Verlin Eaker

Ralphy Erickson

Dale Fischlein

Steve Fraise *

Mike Frieden

Rollie Frink  

Dale Gegner *

Ray Guss

Ray Guss, Jr.  

Tom Hearst  

Ron Hemsted  

Dave Hammond 

Bob Hill

John Irwin

Tony Izzo

Larry Jenkins

Johnny Johnson  

Steve Kepler    

Mike Klinkkammer  

Darrell Krewson  

Max Leonard  

Jim Leverington

Russ Lyman

Blackie Lyons

Mel Morris

Mark Mosier  *

John Moss  

Billy Moyer *

Mike Niffeneger

Red Noble

Ron Ogden

Monte Ohrt

Denny Osborn  

Gary Osborn  

Pete Parker  

Ron Perdock *  

Darwin Plett  

Ron Prymek  

Terry Rachels  

Keith Remley

Fireball Roberts

Jim Sandusky

Carl Sanger *

Al Seering

Chopper Safely *

Dick Schlitz  

Mike Schulte  

Tony Stewart 

Steve Stinger  

Rob Toland

Billy Tuckwell

Bill Zwanziger *

Jim Thurman

Dick Vitosh  

Dennis Walker  

Kenny Walton

Ronnie Weadon  

Gary Webb

Rick Wendling

Pokey West  

Gale Yoder  


Picture 1

Here we will visit legends of Eastern Iowa.  They may no longer be driving, but they are still on our minds.

If you have any stories on these drivers or pictures of these drivers or someone you think should be here, send them to osboch@iowastockcars.com

Here is your webmaster, Chad Osborn, from 1984 in my first go-cart.  I was 12 years old at the time.  Click on picture to enlarge.

More Go-Kart Pictures (Me, Josh Walker, Bob Utter, Ramon Partida, Curt Van Der Wal and Mike Duffus)

Picture 1   1989-Regional Point Standings
Picture 2   1989-Columbus Junction Track Report-Page 1                      Me and my Dad                     
Picture 3   1989-Columbus Junction Track Report-Page 2
Picture 4   Curt Van Der Wal
Picture 5   1987 Grand Nationals-I placed 11th-Page 1
Picture 6   1987 Grand Nationals-I placed 11th-Page 2
Picture 7   1987 Grand Nationals-I placed 11th-Page 3
Picture 8   1987 Grand Nationals-I placed 11th-Page 4
Picture 9   1987 Yamaha Dirt Classic-Page 1
Picture 10 1987 Yamaha Dirt Classic-Page 2
Picture 11   1988-Kevin Harvick v Greg Moore-Page 1
Picture 12   1988-Kevin Harvick v Greg Moore-Page 2