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Had the unique opportunity yesterday to hang out with one of the Cup teams in Chicago. Met one of the co-owners of BK racing a few months ago and he hooked me up with a "hot pass" for the event. This is pretty much an all access garage pass. Was pretty cool to walk through security when everyone else was getting held up. Prior to the race we all hung out of the hauler. The cars are sponsored by Dr Pepper and Burger King as well as Iowa City Capital Partners. Didn't get any free hamburgers but got my shares worth of DP. Not sure if anyone noticed Cole Whitt's car yesterday, but it had the ANF that is on the Iowa Football helmets on the side of his car. Similar to the football team, the car had problems going in the second half of the race. My wife and I got to sit next to the crew chief on pit road and look at all the computer readings how many laps left before needing to fuel etc. A lot of numbers that made no sense to me. Our pit stall was right in between Dale Earnhardt jr and Kevin Harvick. Though I thought we had a pretty cool set up, looking at those guys and their leather seats and multiple computer screens, you can sure tell things aren't created equal there. For those of you who watched the race, there was a late caution. Even though these guys were 4 laps down at the time, they were all trying to decide what to do when and if they were in the same scenario running up front with only a few laps to go. Was a great experience. I'm not much of a writer, but he asked me if I was going to blog about my experience and I told him I would. Would do it again in a heartbeat.
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